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martedì 2 ottobre 2018

Damnation Gallery - Black Stains

   Damnation Gallery was born in Genoa in 2016. The band's line-up consists of Scarlet (vocals), Lord Edgard (guitar), Lord of Plague (guitar), Low (bass) and Coroner (drums). The band plays horror metal music strongly influenced by NWOBHM bands, Italian metal and American and European death metal. The band released the EP "Transcendence Hymn" in 2016, reviewed by specialized press and webzines in Italy and Europe and has also published the new album "Black Stains" in January 2018. The band has a substantial track record of collaborations in various projects, including the compilation "The Cult of Necrodeath" and performances in support of bands such as Necrodeath, Vanexa, The Black and Deathless Legacy. The band's show is accompanied by theatrical and scenic elements inspired by the horror metal tradition.

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Re Cocco

Re Cocco from Stefano Giacomuzzi on Vimeo.
Directed and edited by Stefano Giacomuzzi
Shot by Stefano Giacomuzzi and Luca Pupil
Music composed by Sam Norton

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Larry Pierce

Larry Pierce, Jr.
April 16, 1976 - April 12, 2014.

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