sabato 31 agosto 2013


In it's final standing hours of the east bay span of the bay bridge, my friend lil Sara and I
piloted our choppers (1938 knucklehead and 60's triumph) across for the last time.

venerdì 30 agosto 2013

giovedì 29 agosto 2013

martedì 27 agosto 2013

giovedì 22 agosto 2013

sabato 17 agosto 2013

Meditation 4 Madmen | Jasin Phares and Harolds Iron Works

Part 1. Jasin Phares shares his philosophy on his craft of building traditional choppers.

lunedì 12 agosto 2013

sabato 10 agosto 2013

Moto Monday | August 2013

Moto Monday is the first Monday of every month where motorcycle enthusiasts meet at Este Pizzeria in downtown Salt Lake City UT @7pm.

mercoledì 7 agosto 2013

martedì 6 agosto 2013

Northern Lights Run 2013

A photo shoot for a Pan/Shov that Brian Jessop built for Adam Balon last winter turned into a couple days of chopper riding in Northern Saskatchewan. Brian and me ran up to Pratt Lake for the night and then went on to Prince Albert in the morning to meet up with the PA crew Adam and Robin Finlayson. Thanks for the hospitality gents. Lets do it again soon.



giovedì 1 agosto 2013

HBJ Movie #013 Brat Style Go Takamine

The Brat style which deals with domestic air cooling singles and twin models, such as SR, XS, and W650, for Harley-Davidson at the first in a roll. It is so natural that the motorcycle has become a part of life and it has not thought for the representation of the said store which will open and will be the 16th year, and Takeshi Takamine, and is existence without the substitute which nestles up to his life.
As for the pan head of the love machine with which the straw car got seven years ago was incorporated, the style has already been changed about 5 times. The present figure which imagined the sand racer is just a non genre. It is an original style of Harley who does not belong anywhere. It is the approach unique to him who concentrates on a motocross race.
The Brat style which deals also with a chopper manufacturing Motocrosser.
Although it is the vehicles which are completely different, he says that he feels the same spirit by somewhere. The style of this pan head symbolizes the present Brat style.