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Story of Builder : Passion

Production House @lotuscinema
Story @goemigoemi
Cam @saka5252
Producer @bobsingadikrama
Line Production @girindrasjn
Geffer @suitrawan
Art and property @anggiard @ucokaritonang
Location manager @ridwanandy
Ascam @hardjoe1

Cheerful collaboration @lotuscinema with Darizt Design, the only one Yogyakarta's custom bike builder featured on Bike Exif.
Story about their brotherhood, passion, and hard work.

Shot On 5D mark II, Sony Nex 5N, Canon 20/2.8, Yashica ML 55/1.2, SEL 16/2.8 and Elmarit 135/2.8.

ENJOY! and wait for full version, soon :)

The cross breed

venerdì 26 aprile 2013


Video realizado con el artista de metal flake Alejandro Minissale.

Producido por Vanesa Czekaj
Dirigido por Juan Paviolo
Musica: Arena Gris por Los Kahunas

Alex Andrews - Open Mind

The Open Mind series is an alternative look into the lives of people who inspire us, purveyors of rad, and creatives who leave a mark. This first installment is a look into the life of one of our favorite snowboarders Alex Andrews. Alex is a Salt Lake City kid that lives and breathes anything shred and has one of the most enthusiastic personalities of anyone we know, so it just seemed natural to spend an afternoon with Alex and see what makes him tick.

Song : Galaxies - Laura Veirs


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mercoledì 24 aprile 2013

Never Fast Enough - by Dylan Ozanich

Directed, Edited & Filmed by Dylan Ozanich

Fine art photography exhibit "Never Fast Enough" by Dylan Ozanich at D-Structure, San Francisco from May 3rd 2013 - June 6th 2013. // Opening Friday May 3rd 8:00pm - 10:00pm

© copyright 2013 Dylan Ozanich

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giovedì 18 aprile 2013

Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Series-Larry Pierce of Garage Company Customs

Larry Pierce owns Garage Company Customs near Birmingham, Alabama. This is the first year as invited builder to the Born-Free Vintage Chopper and Classic Cycle show in Orange County, California. Larry is building a 1947 Harley Knucklehead for Born-Free 5 and you have a chance to take home his bike or 18 others the day of the show June 29, 2013! for more info please visit

Video directed by Daniel Thomas, executive producer Show Class Magazine

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lunedì 15 aprile 2013

Wheels & Waves x Loser Machine

In Europe, the winter can seem unending, the time of year when we are
consigned to dwell interminably in our garages, neon lights may be bright
but they can never truly replicate sunlight...
But there is a cure, we have been planning an end of winter trip to the
Basque country since last summer with our friend Fede at Loser Machine and Bixente, a ride for a Wheels and Waves 2013 reunion.
A band of brothers, 20 in all. However with the unpredictable
seasonal conditions we are taking a gamble, but still we have ploughed
through all conditions before and shall do again.
The ride is a total of 240km, and we are planning it for June, so it should
be perfect riding : A combination of beautiful nature and a rare
countryside found in these traditional lands, far from the polluted towns
and cities that so many of us are forced to call home. Mountains are found
in abundance as are the twists on the long empty stretches of road, which
are themselves much like racing circuits, in short, a dreamlike wonderland.
Anybody who loves bikes will get that longed for Endorphin rush and a
heavenly bike connection.

Shot & Edited by Douglas Guillot
Produced by Greendog Distribution
Music by Yussuf Jerusalem (
Photography by Benoit Guerry (
additional film shots by Juan Lagarrigue ( & Sarah Arnould (
Graphic Design by Steven Burke (
Support by Loser Machine (


sabato 13 aprile 2013

Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Series-The Cycle Zombies

Big Scott Stopnik of the Cycle Zombies family in Huntington Beach, California is one of the invited motorcycle builders of the 2013 Born-Free 5 Vintage Chopper and Classic Cycle Show which will be held June 29, 2013 in Orange County, California at Oak Canyon Ranch. Scott is one of 32 builders to debut and showcase their take on today's custom motorcycles. You have the chance to win the Harley Knucklehead they are building!

The show is free to ride or walk into and is about the love of old motorcycles. For more info, please visit regularly for updates.

Video by Mark Choiniere

venerdì 12 aprile 2013

Buster + Punch - In the Beginning

Making of our first collection - 'HOOKED'

Follow us on:
TWITTER @BusterandPunch
INSTAGRAM: @busterandpunch

Special thanks to Boneshaker Choppers

All music by Jenn Grant and filmed in the UK


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The Build Film

The Build is an interactive film exploring the world of custom motorcycle making through the stories of three independent builders in Portland, OR.

View the full experience, including shop tours, bike builds and builder information at:

HBJ Movie 011 Shakin' Speed Graphix Tomomi Shimizu

The Shakin' speed graphic superintendence, Tomomi Shimizu who have the column serialized by
With that an image is evoked from an American sign board, a skate, a snowboard, etc. in many cases by nature play.
Shakin' having the skill projected as custom-made Painter and a sense was asked about the talk about the charm of custom-made paint, and its prejudice.
Their own cars of Shakin' who is also a pure motor-head are the sedan-pickup of 1965 models, and the Ford ranchero to FL Duo Glide bobber of 1963 models.
A photograph was taken on the atelier in custom-made Painter of the rare cost which he is getting hooked on the charm of the pickup truck completely with Harley, and Mito of Shakin's studio, and the Hitachinaka seashore.

Meditation 4 Madmen


Facebook Official Page:

Mullins Chain Drive

lunedì 1 aprile 2013

A Wonderful Snapshot

This was a true Snapshot done whit my iPhone. There were too many beautiful motorcycles to leave my iPhone in my pocket. I hope you enjoy.
Shot on iPhone 4 Edited with FinalCutPro X and Colored with Adobe Speedgrade.
Music Mannish Boy

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