martedì 11 giugno 2013

Chops & Bobbers No.5 Kustom Lane Gallery

When it comes to art exhibitions, it simply doesn't get much cooler than Chops 'N' Bobbers. Kustom Lane Gallery are gearing for the fourth annual instalment of the incredibly popular display of all that is vintage motorcycles, with an extensive range of simply beautiful two-wheeled machines complemented by artworks inspired by the theme.

"Chops 'N' Bobbers is pretty much based around all pre-1975 bikes. So Triumphs, Harleys - that sort of style of bike in that they can either be restored, or generally most of them tend to be modified," explains curator Tony Peake. "But they're modified in the traditional way, they're not modified like a modern day chopper with all these bolt-on bits and pieces, but basically all of the bikes have to be built by the person who owns them. So like they're all done in the traditional way, so you scrounge and you find bits and pieces and you add stuff onto it, you just don't ring up a catalogue mob and just bolt a bit on, if you know what I mean." He explains further. "So we're reasonably strict on what sort of bikes we put in. We tend to get around about 16-18 bikes in the gallery, and then they are displayed along with complementary artwork, it's the motorcycle and the art together. The Chops 'N' Bobbers means the choppers [modified bikes that have been chopped up], it's whether they're a Cafe Racer style thing. Or just a typical street bike that has been restored or whatever it might be. And then we generally get a couple of other guys that have got a, I guess you would call it a 'barn find' type bike, which is a bike that has been sitting in someone's backyard for years and years and years that they have just dragged out and bring it along, and that's how they found it, if you know what I mean."

Beat Magazine
Lachlan Kanoniuk

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