venerdì 14 giugno 2013

Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Series - Kiyo

Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Kiyo of Gardena, California is one of those rare people that can make metal and machine do exactly as he wants. He can make anything run and create just about anything from scratch as well as be there to win on race day. His rigid Japanese background is no surprise when you learn his work ethic and creativity.
For Born-Free 5 he is building from nothing a turbo charged 1974 Honda CB750 that is heavily inspired by drag and land speed racing. You could take his bike or your choice of 17 others home if you win June 29, 2013 at Born-Free 5!
For more info on Kiyo, the bike giveaway, and the Born-Free Vintage Chopper and Classic Cycle show, please visit

Video shot by Michael Schmidt, sound and editing by Homer Gaijin

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