domenica 8 dicembre 2013

martedì 3 dicembre 2013

domenica 1 dicembre 2013

HoodBush 2013


This is a video from this year's hoodbush. The dirtiest chopper show on earth. Thanks to everyone in Milwaukee for throwing such a great party. Thanks to Dave for riding 1200 miles there with me. Thanks to everyone else who makes riding these death traps so much fun. WWW.THEGREATWHITEBISON.COM

sabato 30 novembre 2013


Losers are fine - SWM Motorcycle


One day, one yellow, one loser. It's fine!

by Officina Super Sprint Motorcycle Filmmakers

sabato 23 novembre 2013

venerdì 22 novembre 2013

The Build


The Build is an interactive film exploring the world of custom motorcycle making through the stories of three independent builders in Portland, OR. View the full experience, including shop tours, bike builds and builder information at:

Directed by Truen Pence
Produced by Davis Priestley
Edited by Kyle Stebbins

Made by Instrument

giovedì 21 novembre 2013