lunedì 15 aprile 2013

Wheels & Waves x Loser Machine

In Europe, the winter can seem unending, the time of year when we are
consigned to dwell interminably in our garages, neon lights may be bright
but they can never truly replicate sunlight...
But there is a cure, we have been planning an end of winter trip to the
Basque country since last summer with our friend Fede at Loser Machine and Bixente, a ride for a Wheels and Waves 2013 reunion.
A band of brothers, 20 in all. However with the unpredictable
seasonal conditions we are taking a gamble, but still we have ploughed
through all conditions before and shall do again.
The ride is a total of 240km, and we are planning it for June, so it should
be perfect riding : A combination of beautiful nature and a rare
countryside found in these traditional lands, far from the polluted towns
and cities that so many of us are forced to call home. Mountains are found
in abundance as are the twists on the long empty stretches of road, which
are themselves much like racing circuits, in short, a dreamlike wonderland.
Anybody who loves bikes will get that longed for Endorphin rush and a
heavenly bike connection.

Shot & Edited by Douglas Guillot
Produced by Greendog Distribution
Music by Yussuf Jerusalem (
Photography by Benoit Guerry (
additional film shots by Juan Lagarrigue ( & Sarah Arnould (
Graphic Design by Steven Burke (
Support by Loser Machine (

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