domenica 28 aprile 2013

Story of Builder : Passion

Production House @lotuscinema
Story @goemigoemi
Cam @saka5252
Producer @bobsingadikrama
Line Production @girindrasjn
Geffer @suitrawan
Art and property @anggiard @ucokaritonang
Location manager @ridwanandy
Ascam @hardjoe1

Cheerful collaboration @lotuscinema with Darizt Design, the only one Yogyakarta's custom bike builder featured on Bike Exif.
Story about their brotherhood, passion, and hard work.

Shot On 5D mark II, Sony Nex 5N, Canon 20/2.8, Yashica ML 55/1.2, SEL 16/2.8 and Elmarit 135/2.8.

ENJOY! and wait for full version, soon :)

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